Getting to Know Artificial Intelligence: Technology that will Change Human Life

Getting to Know Artificial Intelligence: Technology that will Change Human Life

Hello Middle School Friends! You must have used the Google search engine to look for information, and may have seen Google predict the next words you will type. Well, this prediction is an example of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is known as a technology that has great potential to change human life in the future.

In general, AI refers to computer programs designed to imitate human intelligence, including decision-making abilities, logic, and other characteristics of intelligence. Computer scientist Professor John McCarthy is known as the figure who introduced the concept of AI in 1956.

Currently, AI has been widely used in various applications such as search engines, virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana. Apart from that, the development of AI has reached an amazing level, one of which is its use in autonomous vehicles (self-drive) which allows vehicles to drive by themselves without human intervention. Apart from these uses, AI also has great potential to advance other fields such as education, health, food security and bureaucratic reform.

In the world of education, the use of AI can help students control and monitor their own learning, enabling them to live and work well and independently in the future. Apart from that, artificial intelligence in the future will lead to precision learning. Later, learning will not only take into account students’ cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects, but also take into account students’ daily behavior or habits.

In the health sector, artificial intelligence technology innovations are used to speed up service times, expand reach and reduce health costs. Apart from that, AI in the health sector allows patients to get health services without having to visit a health center/doctor directly.

In the field of food security, artificial intelligence or AI can be used for various purposes. One use is through satellite imagery to identify areas that have been covered by electricity and areas that have not been reached. Apart from that, AI can also be used to identify the types of crops grown in an area and predict the harvest of each crop.

Finally, in the field of bureaucratic reform, the use of AI, one of which is ChatBot development, enables accurate two-way communication services with the public 24 hours a day. This can help increase bureaucratic efficiency and facilitate public access to information or public services.

What do you think, middle school friends? Isn’t the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) extraordinary? As a student, of course you need to learn more about this technology so you can use it in your daily activities such as studying, working, communicating, and so on. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this increasingly rapid technological progress, okay!


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