United States Immediately Bans Use of TikTok Nationwide

United States Immediately Bans Use of TikTok Nationwide

eavol.com – The United States (US) Parliament is said to have agreed to submit a bill regarding a national ban on the social media application TikTok on all electronic devices, Thursday (7/3).

This bill would ban TikTok from app stores in the US market, provided that the social media platform is immediately separated from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance.

If passed, this bill would give ByteDance 165 days to sell TikTok. And if it is not sold within that time, then TikTok will become illegal for application store operators such as Apple and Google.

This is an aggressive step towards TikTok since the company’s CEO Shou Chew explained that the TikTok application does not threaten US citizens.

“Today, we will take the first step in creating much-needed legislation to protect Americans from the threats posed by apps controlled by our adversaries, and to send a very strong message that the United States will always stand up for its values. and our freedoms,” said Washington Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers,

This bill has support from Wisconsin Republican Mike Gallagher, Illinois Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi and the White House and House Speaker Mike Johnson.

TikTok Resistance

Currently, TikTok is fighting against the draft law. TikTok is trying to drive their user base.

Some TikTok users displayed a pop-up in the TikTok app warning that the bill takes away the constitutional right of 170 million Americans to free expression.

“This announcement will damage millions of businesses, destroy the livelihoods of creators across the country, and deny artists an audience,” the pop-up said.

In addition to potentially blocking app stores from providing TikTok downloads, the bill also limits traffic from TikTok content to “internet hosting services,” a broad term that covers a variety of industries including “file hosting, domain name server hosting, cloud hosting, and hosting private virtual server.”

Fear of eavesdropping

So far, the US government has not been able to show evidence that the Chinese government accessed TikTok user data in America. However, this remains a concern for America.

Efforts to ban TikTok date back to the Trump administration, which used a series of orders to force app stores not to offer TikTok and forced ByteDance to spin off the company.

However, the effort was stalled due to legal challenges, although it forced TikTok to engage in negotiations with the US government about how to protect the personal data of Americans.

These talks are still ongoing, even though TikTok has moved US user data to servers located in the US and controlled by tech giant Oracle.


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