5 Best Cities in the USA for International Students

5 Best Cities in the USA for International Students

eavol.com – Choosing where to study is a big decision as this will be your new home for several years. Check out this guide to some of the best student cities in the US to choose from.

Part of the study abroad experience is experiencing a new environment and culture. Choosing a good college is important, but part of the decision is influenced by where the university is located. Many international students choose the United States as their destination, including students from Indonesia who study in various cities in America. But, which city can provide the best study experience for you?

Here are the 5 best student cities in the United States that will offer a variety of unique experiences for you when studying there:

1. New York

New York is ranked 19th in the ranking of the best cities for students 2019, and it is even very lively at night. Apart from that, New York is also a proud city, because no less than 10 universities represented in this city have made world rankings, including Ivy League member universities such as Columbia University and New York University.

If you like city vibes and skyscrapers on city streets, colorful trendy districts with bright lights and the glitz of Broadway, or famous restaurants and delicious street food, New York is the city for you.

2. Boston

Boston is the best-ranked United States city in the world for international students, ranking 12th in the world. If you want to be surrounded by the world’s best and brightest students and academics, then Boston is the answer, especially if you visit the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is a hub for international students.

Boston has two of the most famous universities in the world in Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MIT occupies first place according to the QS World University Rankings 2021.

Of course, the institutions above are not the only places to study in Boston. Boston is home to many universities which include Boston University, Suffolk University, and Northeastern University.

3. Chicago

Chicago is called the “windy city,” Illinois is a city known for its impressive architectural facades, entrepreneurship, cultural heritage, and diverse multicultural community. Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and has many famous attractions including Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and the Field Museum of Natural History. If you’re a sports fan, you can also stop by the United Center to see the statue of basketball player Michael Jordan.

Several world-ranked universities are in Chicago, including the University of Chicago, ranked in the 10th best university in the world according to the Times Higher Education 2021 World University Rankings (THE), and Northwestern University, ranked in the top 30 in the world by THE.

Other famous universities in Chicago are the University of Illinois at Chicago, Loyola University Chicago, and DePaul University. One thing to remember about Chicago is that it is known for heavy snowfall and very cold winters, so prepare yourself with warm clothing.

4. San Fransisco

San Francisco is rated as one of the 50 Best Student Cities by QS and offers an exciting lifestyle for international students studying abroad. There is the famous Pier 39 shopping and entertainment center, Golden Gate Park, the famous cable car, free museums, and of course the beach

San Francisco has a good reputation for job opportunities for international students. This is not surprising considering that some of the world’s largest companies are based here, including Apple, Google, and Facebook. On the other hand, San Francisco is also known for its relatively cheaper cost of living compared to other big cities.

In terms of higher education, the city can also boast of having Stanford University and the University of California Berkeley. Both universities are ranked in the top 100 in the world according to the Times Higher Education 2021 Ranking of World Universities and QS 2021 Ranking of World Universities. Other best universities are San Francisco State University, University of San Francisco and Santa Clara University.

5. Philadelphia

Philadelphia rounds out the list of America’s 5 Best Cities for international students. The 2019 QS Best Student Cities ranking ranked seventh in US cities, which is not surprising considering the variety of options it offers. The city has a renowned historical heritage, outstanding cuisine, vibrant culture, and many museums and entertainment venues.

Philadelphia is an Ivy League city with the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). UPenn is ranked in the top 20 globally by the QS World University Rankings 2021 and also excels in a variety of subjects, including medicine and engineering. Other universities that are part of the city include Temple University, Drexel University and La Salle University.


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