KPop group ILLIT is in the spotlight, dance moves similar to NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM

KPop group ILLIT is in the spotlight, dance moves similar to NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM

HYBE debuted a new girl group ILLIT which immediately caught the public’s attention. Apart from being beautiful, the five members of ILLIT have a catchy song ‘Magnetic’ which has gone viral on social media. However, a number of Korean netizens criticized the similarity of ILLIT’s choreography to two girl groups from HYBE, NewJeans and LE SSERAFIM.

On Monday (25/3/2024), the KPop group ILLIT officially debuted with the song ‘Magnetic’. A number of dance moves in the video clip became a topic of conversation because they reminded Korean netizens of the choreography for the songs ‘Fearless’ and ‘EASY’ from LE SSERAFIM.

Meanwhile, the choreography for the song ‘My World’ belonging to the KPop group ILLIT is considered to be similar to the choreography of NewJeans’ debut song ‘Attention’.

“They even imitated the ‘Attention’ formation, which is true…” commented a netizen on a Korean community forum.

“It’s short but ‘Magnetic’ is also similar to the choreography of ‘Ditto’. I’m not sure because I don’t really understand the choreography but looking at all the similarities, we can at least admit they took references,” wrote a Korean netizen.

“They probably added it for viral marketing ㅎㅎ” said another netizen.

Considering that the girl groups ILLIT, NewJeans, and LE SSERAFIM are HYBE graduates, there is debate about whether they plagiarized or imitated each other’s concepts.

For your information, HYBE is a multinational entertainment company that oversees a number of agencies including ADOR (NewJeans), Source Music (LE SSERAFIM), and BELIFTLAB (ILLIT).

ILLIT is a girl group formed from the survival show RUNext which will air on JTBC in mid-2023. Initially ILLIT will debut with six members with Youngseo. However, in January 2024, BELIFTLAB announced that Youngseo had decided to leave and cancel his debut.

After debuting, Yunah was officially appointed as the leader of the KPop group ILLIT. He has undergone a trainee period for five years at different agencies. The girl who was born on January 15 2024 is the oldest member of the KPop group ILLIT.

Another member, Minju, also had a trainee period of five years before debuting with ILLIT. He spent a trainee period at YG Entertainment. It’s not surprising that his vocal technique is so distinctive like that of a KPop idol who graduated from YG Entertainment.

Moka, who comes from Japan, underwent a trainee period for approximately three years. He got the nickname ‘Cinamon Roll’ from Korean netizens because of his cute appearance.

There is also Wonhee, an ILLIT member who joined HYBE less than a month before RUnext started. She joined HYBE through street casting because of her attractive and beautiful face.

Not to forget, Iroha, ILLIT’s youngest member, was born on February 4 2008. She is predicted to become the main dancer because she has been dancing since she was 3 years old.


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