Bianca Censori’s Sister Finally Discusses Kanye West’s Controversial Actions

Bianca Censori's Sister Finally Discusses Kanye West's Controversial Actions – Bianca Censori’s personal life is in the public spotlight, especially after marrying rapper Kanye West. Many suspected that Bianca’s family did not support her relationship with Kanye, but her sister, Angelina Censori, finally opened her voice and expressed her true views.

According to Angelina, all the rumors circulating about her family are not true. He confirmed that they all support Kanye West.

“We all support him. We support his new album. We support the new clothes he launched,” Angelina told the Herald Sun.

In the interview, Angelina also clarified rumors that her father was angry with Kanye West because he had changed Bianca’s style to become vulgar.

Sources said that the family was worried about changes in Bianca’s behavior, which seemed to no longer be recognized. They suspect that Bianca would not have done these things if there was no controlling influence from other parties.

“It’s all just nonsense. There was even something about my father recently. My father never talks. Nothing is true,” stressed Angelina.


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