Is there evidence that aliens have visited Earth?

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The US Congress recently held hearings on its government’s intelligence on “unidentified objects in space” or unidentified aerial objects (UAP).

The last investigation into this matter occurred more nana4d than 50 years ago as part of a U.S. Air Force investigation called Project Blue Book, which investigated reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects (insert name).

Yesterday’s hearing was the mandate of the 2020 COVID-19 Assistance Project, which asked US intelligence agencies to produce a report within 180 days on the UAP, which was issued in June last year.

So why is the US government interested in UAP? An interesting theory is that the UAP is an alien spacecraft visiting Earth. This idea has attracted many people, as evidenced by decades of science fiction movies, differing views on Area 51, and an inviting image for many people.

There is no publicly available evidence to support the conclusion that an alien spacecraft has landed on or visited Earth. The hearing was held behind closed doors on the grounds that sensitive security information might be involved.

There is no doubt that this anomaly was observed, as evidenced by the images obtained by the Navy pilots (above) showing the aircraft’s speed. But the conclusion about the existence of non-human life increasingly requires concrete evidence (extraordinary evidence) that can be comprehensively investigated using scientific tools.

However, the existence of other living situs toto things on Earth is also an important issue for science and society. Therefore, the search for extraterrestrial life is a legitimate activity and is subject to the same burden of proof as other sciences.

Challenges of finding aliens around the world
Over the past decade, I have been using radio telescopes to conduct various surveys to look for signs of technological civilization on other planets in our Galaxy (Milky Way). But even though teams of experts have been using advanced telescopes for decades, we still haven’t seen much.

Considering that the Milky Way is equivalent to oceans on Earth, the amount we have used in our research over the last few years would be the same as taking water from a pool of water in the Pacific Ocean to surround the ocean.

Moreover, we do not know for sure whether the sea we are looking for exists or, if so, what it looks like or how it behaves. While I believe there is actual life on trillions of planets, it is the scale of the world that matters.

Can we communicate with aliens?
The sheer size of the universe makes it very difficult (at least according to the laws of physics as we know it) to travel between stars, receive signals, or communicate with life in distant places.

Its speed is limited to the speed of light, i.e. 300,000 kilometers per second. Too fast. But even at this speed, a signal would take about four years to travel between Earth and the nearest star in our galaxy, four light-years away.


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