Uncovering the Secrets of Technological Development That Makes the World More Sophisticated

Uncovering the Secrets of Technological Development That Makes the World More Sophisticated

Technology is a system designed by humans with the aim of making things easier and producing a level of efficiency and effectiveness by providing a large impact but with minimal effort. Technological developments are currently very rapid every day along with advances in science. We can see technological developments starting from the era of communication and information technology, the era of industrial technology, to the era of agricultural technology.

One example of this technological development is as follows. In 1940, the world’s first computer device called the Electronical Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) was used for weather prediction, temperature measurement, random number research, and other applications. However, nowadays computer devices can be accessed anywhere and at any time and can even be taken anywhere, for example laptops and smartphones. In addition, today’s computers are able to process a lot of information that can exceed the capabilities of the human brain.

In the current era, mastery of technology is one of the reasons for a country’s progress. A country can be said to be advanced if it has a high level of technological mastery. Therefore, technological development is needed in every country. The development of this technology has greatly changed human habits. If previously we could only look for information by reading a dictionary or book, now looking for information can be done online using the internet network. Types of work are also no less amenable to change, which previously required physical abilities, now some types of work can be replaced with automatic machines.

An example is a restaurant waiter who can be replaced with a robot that can serve customers. Several airports in the world can also carry out check-in independently, no longer served by airport employees. The use of computer capacity is currently able to shift the capabilities of the human brain in various sciences to activities that humans need.

It cannot be denied that technological developments have had many positive impacts on human life. Starting from advances in transportation and communication to changes in the way humans work, technology has accelerated and changed the world significantly. But what makes technology as advanced as it is now? Let’s review the secrets behind the increasingly rapid development of technology:

Innovation That Continues To Develop

Innovation is one of the main keys in the development of increasingly sophisticated technology. Companies or organizations need to develop and introduce new products or services to meet market needs. Innovation will continue to develop as technology develops. Some examples of innovations that continue to develop:

1. Blockchain

Technology that allows transparent and efficient transactions between two parties without intermediaries. Blockchain technology has been used in various sectors, finance, health and logistics. One example of this technology is that if previously we verified an account that required documents such as KTP, KK, or others and then sent them to the office for weeks, with blockchain technology we can upload these documents directly to the government system without having to worry about anything happening. misuse of data. This is because blockchain has double verification and cross verification features so that data cannot be misused. Green Energy Technology

This technology includes various technologies to produce clean and environmentally friendly energy, such as solar panels and wind turbines. This technology will certainly continue to develop, making it possible for more people to switch to clean energy sources

  • 5G technology

Teknologi jaringan seluler terbaru yang memiliki kecepatan lebih cepat daripada jaringan seluler sebelumnya, jaringan 5G ini akan lebih stabil dan lebih andal. Teknologi ini akan membawa pengaruh besar untuk kehidupan manusia dari cara bekerja, komunikasi sampai mencari informasi

  • Autonomous Vehicle Technology

This technology will allow vehicles to run without a driver. This technology can improve road safety and reduce traffic congestion, as well as reduce air pollution

  • The emergence of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an automated machine technology that can develop products and services automatically, such as autonomous vehicles, virtual assistants, voice and image recognition systems, natural language processing, and facial recognition. Artificial intelligence has developed rapidly in recent years and has influenced many aspects of human life. This artificial intelligence is also very promising and provides great benefits for humans. This technology has been used in various sectors including automotive, cyber security, banking and marketing.

  • Development of sensor technology

This technology is used to detect and respond to the environment, such as temperature, air, sound, light, etc. One example is the use of a light sensor that can turn it on and off based on the intensity of sunlight. Increasingly sophisticated sensor technology allows devices to detect more complex data and obtain more accurate information

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that connects electronic devices to the internet to send and receive data. IoT can be used to communicate and obtain various information, making it easier for users to control and monitor devices remotely. One example is helping humans to turn on the lights without having to press the light switch, but by calling “turn off the lamp” the light can turn itself off. By looking at the increasingly sophisticated development of IoT which can be used for smart homes and the technology industry sector, we also have to be careful in matters of security and adequate internet access.

Technological progress will not stop all the time and there will be many changes, so it will be difficult if we do not keep up with technological developments all the time. However, we also have to use technology wisely and responsibly, so that technology can help and provide real benefits in human life.


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