6 Positive Functions of Mobile Phones in Life

6 Positive Functions of Mobile Phones in Life

Mobile phones are objects that cannot be separated from humans today. Explain the positive functions of cellphones! Here are the following 6 positive impacts in everyday life.

An explanation of cellphones can be found in the book Digital Economy compiled by Muhammad Fitri Rahmadana (2021:15). Quoted from the book, a cellphone (HP) is a two-way communication tool that allows two or more people to have a conversation without being limited by distance.

6 Positive Functions of Mobile Phones

If the first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, then the inventor of the mobile telephone was Martin Cooper who worked at Motorola. Cooper’s idea at that time was to make a communication device that was small and easy to carry when traveling.

With the development of internet technology, the function of cellphones is not only limited to being a communication tool. Here are 6 positive functions of cellphones that we may have used.

1. The function of the cellphone as a communication medium

The main benefit of cellphones is as a communication tool so that we stay connected with family, relatives or friends. Mobile phones are a fast, easy and cheap way to communicate.

2. The function of cellphones is as an information medium

With the internet, cellphones can help us access important or valuable information. This information can increase our insight and knowledge.

3. The function of cellphones as a learning medium

Mobile phones equipped with internet services can help students do school assignments. It will be easier for students in the teaching and learning process by using these cellphones.

4. The function of cellphones is as an entertainment medium

Now there are various entertainment applications available that can be installed on cellphones. For example, music, film or game applications.

5. The function of cellphones in the world of work and business

Mobile phones are technological devices that can be used for communication in work or business relationships. Apart from that, we can also carry out online buying and selling processes through shopping applications on cellphones.

6. The function of cellphones in the religious world

Currently, there are many religious applications available, such as the holy book Al-Quran, the Bible, and others. This application will make it easier for us to worship anywhere and anytime.


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