After announcing the adult project, JoJo Siwa shows off sexy content

After announcing the adult project, JoJo Siwa shows off sexy content – Former child singer and dancer JoJo Siwa seems to want to get rid of her child image by making an adult project. The 20-year-old woman previously warned on her Instagram that her upcoming music video was sexually charged.

In the video clip for the song ‘Karma’, JoJo describes herself as a ‘bad girl’ with lyrics that allude to wild behavior. She was seen wearing a sexy leotard that showed off a lot of skin.

JoJo’s latest work marks a drastic change from her child-friendly image to the ‘bad girl’ persona she wants to portray nowadays. This action surprised many fans and thought it was similar to what Miley Cyrus, who is also a former child star, did. Miley once appeared vulgar in the video clip Wrecking Ball.

Through a series of mysterious posts on Instagram, Monday (11/3/2024), JoJo shared a message warning that her new content was not suitable for children and could disturb or offend some viewers.

“Content with sexual themes, violence, harsh language, traumatic scenarios and even flash warnings,” said JoJo.

Criticism poured in for JoJo Siwa. Many said that the changes were too extreme.

“She tried to be Miley Cyrus. Too bad it didn’t work,” commented netizens.

“Jo OnlyFans?” asked netizens while being sarcastic.

JoJo Siwa’s journey in the entertainment industry has undergone many evolutions. From being a little singer who was synonymous with big ribbons to his controversial love journey.

Jojo Siwa revealed herself as a lesbian in January 2021. At that time, she was dating her dancer, Kylie Prew. Now, he has become a sensation again with his explicit content which is thought to be a video clip project.


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