Han So Hee Terminates Contract with Brand, Allegedly Due to Dating Controversy

Han So Hee Terminates Contract with Brand, Allegedly Due to Dating Controversy

eavol.com – A number of brands have terminated their collaboration contracts with Korean actress Han So Hee. Netizens speculate that Han So Hee lost her endorsement due to the controversy over her romantic relationship with actor Ryu Jun Yeol.

On Wednesday (20/3/2024), Lotte’s soju brand, Chum Churum, announced that its collaboration contract with model Han So Hee had ended in early March 2024.

In its statement, the Chum Churum soju brand decided not to extend its collaboration contract with Han So Hee. They are looking for a new female model who will appear in the Chum Churum advertisement.

Korean netizens suspect that the soju brand ended its collaboration contract with Han So Hee because it was accused of destroying Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol’s relationship. Moreover, the contract termination was only announced by Chum Churum after Han So Hee admitted that she was dating Ryu Jun Yeol.

Previously on Friday (15/3/2024), Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol were involved in dating rumors when an eyewitness saw the Korean artist couple in Hawaii.

What caused a stir, Ryu Jun Yeol’s ex-girlfriend, Hyeri and Han So Hee, teased each other on Instagram Story. Initially Hyeri wrote “It’s fun” and unfollowed Ryu Jun Yeol. This was followed by Han So Hee who emphasized that she did not want to be the third person in other people’s relationships.

Not long after that, Han So Hee finally admitted that she was dating Ryu Jun Yeol. He told how the two met in November 2023, after Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri reportedly broke up. However, Han So Hee’s story sparked questions because it was considered doubtful.

From year to year, the Chum Churum soju brand attracts beautiful artists as its models. Starting from Lee Young Ah (2006), Goo Hye Sun (2007), Lee Hyori (2007), Hyolyn, Gu Hara, and Hyuna (2012), Jo In Sung and Go Jun Hee (2014), Shin Min Ah (2014) , Suzy (2016), Jennie BLACKPINK (2021), and most recently Han So Hee (2023).

Han So Hee successfully replaced BLACKPINK’s Jennie as Chum Churum’s soju model in early March 2023. However, this is the first time in eight years, the soju brand has terminated her model collaboration contract after one year.

Lotte Group revealed the reason it chose Han So Hee as the advertising model for Chum Churum soju because she was close to her fans. “We saw how he actively communicated with fans via Instagram,” said the Lotte Group statement, as reported by Koreaboo.

Several days before Chum Churum’s announcement, NH Bank was reported to have stopped collaborating with Han So Hee. The banking sector is looking for a new model that will replace Han So Hee. The star of the Korean drama Gyeongseong Creature was chosen as a model for NH Bank in 2021 and after three years, their collaboration contract did not continue.

Not only that, the Korean used car buying and selling platform, Hey Dealer, has closed the comments column for Han So Hee’s advertisements on YouTube.

“He failed to renew all his contracts. If I were on the brand’s side, I would do the same,” commented a netizen on a Korean community forum.

“Instead of terminating the contract, I don’t think they can renegotiate the contract,” said netizens with different opinions.

“Because the image of an actress is very important for the brand…” wrote netizens who highlighted that Han So Hee’s image was now tarnished.


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