T-ARA’s Areum tries to commit suicide, her boyfriend is said to have asked for donations from followers

T-ARA's Areum tries to commit suicide, her boyfriend is said to have asked for donations from followers

eavol.com – Former T-ARA Areum reportedly attempted suicide yesterday, Wednesday, (27/3/2024). Previously, the former KPop idol caused a stir when he revealed his story of experiencing domestic violence. After making the public shocked and worried about her condition, it was reported that Areum was getting better after trying to end her life.

An exclusive report from SPOTV reveals the current conditions of Areum TARA. After receiving intensive treatment, the 29-year-old woman was said to be conscious. Areum also confirmed the news by leaving a comment on a YouTube video. But instead of talking about his condition, he instead wrote about the lawsuit.

“I’m going to start with the child abuse lawsuit. It’s interesting that that’s the first thing I’ve seen since I got sober. I’m going to sue you for spreading false information,” he said.

The mother of one child who is divorced from businessman Kim Young Geol commented on Lee Jin Ho’s YouTube video. In the post, Areum and her boyfriend were accused of asking for money from followers. Areum himself admitted that his account was hacked.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Ho believes otherwise. It was stated that Areum’s boyfriend said via DM that Areum was pregnant and they needed money for hospital bills. It is said that Areum’s boyfriend acknowledged the news.

Before trying to commit suicide, former T-ARA Areum shared a photo of her ex-husband who was accused of molesting their child. The former KPop idol also made netizens worried after sharing photos of injuries to his body due to domestic violence.

In a post on Instagram, she also emphasized that she had never cheated on her first husband even though she already had plans for marriage in the midst of her divorce process.


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