Anne Hathaway Reacts After Being Criticized That She’s Not Sexually Attractive

Anne Hathaway Reacts After Being Criticized That She's Not Sexually Attractive – Anne Hathaway has played various roles, including a seductive character like Catwoman in one of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Batman’ films. However, who would have thought that he would have been considered to have no sexual appeal at the start of his career.

The Oscars-winning actress brought this up in a recent interview with Vanity Fair magazine. He then responded to this criticism with a little joke.

“I said, ‘My zodiac sign is Scorpio’,” recalled Anne. This 41 year old woman then said, “I know what I have to look like on Saturday night.”

According to Anne, this method of judgment comes from narrow-minded men. Moreover, he was only in his 20s when he started his career in acting.

“The male gaze is so dominating and very rooted and childish,” said the ‘Devil Wears Prada’ star.

Anne again shows her sexual appeal in the latest film, ‘The Idea of ​​You’, which will be released on Prime Video on May 2.

The film, which is adapted from the novel by Robine Lee, shows Anne as a 40-year-old widow who has an affair with ‘popcorn’.

“I’m very ready to be a very sexual creature,” said the mother of two.


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