French President’s Wife’s Daughter Condemns Conspiracy That Says Her Mother Is Transgender

French President's Wife's Daughter Condemns Conspiracy That Says Her Mother Is Transgender – A wild rumor regarding the identity of the First Lady of France, Brigitte Macron, caused a stir. A media outlet released a report that President Emmanuel Macron’s wife was born a man. The conspiracy theory itself has actually been brought to court. But recently the rumors circulated again until Brigitte’s children spoke out.

In 2021, the media Faits et Documents published a report which was said to be the result of three years of investigation. At that time, astrologer Natasha Rey and freelance journalist Amandine Roy who contributed to the journal also appeared in an interview on YouTube which later went viral. Both of them assume that Brigitte is a transgender whose real name is Jean-Michel Trogneux.

They also brought ‘evidence’ based on a photo of the Trogneux family (family name Brigitte). It is said that the little girl sitting on Mrs Trogneux’s lap may have been Nathalie Farcy who was Brigitte’s niece. Nathalie herself is said to be the daughter of Maryvonne, Brigitte’s older sister who died.

Hearing unpleasant reports about her mother, Brigitte’s daughter, Tiphaine Auziere, spoke again. He confirmed that the news that was still being discussed was false. Tiphaine also criticized conspiracy theorists who disturb other people’s lives.

“There are real victims like my mother and the Princess of Wales and there are also others who have been devastated and confused by misinformation,” he told the Telegraph.

Brigitte Macron’s son, who works as a lawyer, also talked about Kate Middleton. Remembering that her mother had experienced the same thing, Tiphaine praised Kate’s courage in responding to the rumors circulating and revealing the truth about her illness.

“I was very touched by Kate’s video. I felt moved. She asked people to leave her so she could undergo medical treatment in peace. It really touched me. I think she was very brave to do that. Because in the end, she was forced to do that, very a lot of pressure,” said Tiphaine.

“It’s the same as what you experienced and I find polemics like that very strange, like we are being controlled by lizards. So our response is to file a legal complaint and I believe the law will be enforced,” he explained again.

Emmanuel Macron himself revealed something similar. The man who married a woman 25 years his senior revealed how disturbing false information is. “The worst thing is false information and made-up scenarios. People end up believing it and disturbing you and even your intimacy,” said the president.


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